Badollet watches are worn by those who appreciate the rare and the exceptional.

This timepiece is equipped with a mechanical movement whose plate materials are taken from a meteorite.

This single-button (timer) chronograph allied with a flying tourbillon (free-working).

This timepiece features a minute repeater.

This single-button (timer) chronograph allied with a flying tourbillon (free-working) is housed within a casing that has the look of a pocket-watch.

In 1635 in Geneva, the first Master Watchmaker in the family, Pierre III Badollet, created a unique expertise which has, along with the different masters of the Badollet dynasty, come down through the centuries in perpetual movement, subtly combining tradition and innovation.

Le Triomphe d’Amphitrite
Oignon à une aiguille, Jacques Marc Badollet
Paris, vers 1710

Montre de poche à répétition à toc
Badollet, rue de Thionville
Paris, vers 1800

Montre demi-savonnette de poche
Calendrier perpétuel et phases de la lune
J.-M. Badollet & Cie Genève, vers 1880

Montre à répétition minute
Cadran diamants et saphir
Badollet Genève, 2010